Protection From Wind and Rain
Shields Things Inside the Tent
Keeps Insects Away
Regulates Airflow

4 Reasons To Get a Sidewall for Your Canopy Tent

Feb 08, 2023
2 minutes Read
Custom Printing 10x20 Canopy Tent display with sidewalls

Owning a high-quality canopy is beneficial for business owners attending outdoor events. To enhance the structure, there are various canopy accessories available, such as sidewalls. Read these four reasons to get a sidewall for your canopy tent to understand its advantages.

Protection From Wind and Rain

Tents without walls can suffer from harsh environmental conditions like excess wind and rain. These elements can damage products and create unfavorable conditions for vendors. Luckily, sidewalls offer wind and rain protection. Don’t worry about the wind blowing your goods away or water damaging your stock. Sidewalls are helpful additions to all canopy tents.

Shields Things Inside the Tent

Tents with sidewalls shield people, food, products, and tables from outdoor elements. Along with wind and rain protection, it offers UV ray protection. On days with a heavy UV presence, protecting people and items from harmful rays prevents sunburns or damaged goods, respectively. The sidewalls block out external light, keeping the tent cool and comfortable.

Keeps Insects Away

Keeping insects away is another reason to get a sidewall for your canopy tent. At times, insect repellent isn’t enough to fight against tiny pests like mosquitoes or gnats. Luckily, tight-fitting sidewalls deter insects from intruding into the tent.

The last thing people want are pests bothering them while they eat, talk to vendors, or interact with others.

Sidewalls vary in coverage, with full walls, half walls, mesh window walls, and roll-up door walls. The amount of coverage determines how well you’ll keep pests away from the tent. Of course, full walls offer the most coverage, but all sidewalls add a layer of defense to canopies.

Regulates Airflow

Everyone wants comfortable conditions, especially while attending outdoor events. Unfortunately, cold weather or excess humidity hinders people’s outdoor experiences.

When individuals need a break from the elements, a canopy with sidewalls regulates airflow to maintain a comfortable temperature. Some vendors put fans or heaters inside tents to improve temperature too. The sidewalls and extra features enhance the canopy.

You can’t use sidewalls without a tent. At Westshade, we offer custom-printed tents and canopies at affordable prices. With over 1,000 satisfied customers, we know you’ll love your new product! Start your journey with us today.

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