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Accessories & Replacements
Here at Westshade, we have a wide selection of canopy accessories mixed in with a few patio umbrella bases, all of which will make your experience with our pop up tents and umbrellas more pleasurable. Extreme weather conditions and uneven surfaces can be difficult to account for, but if you buy yourself a few of our canopy tent accessories beforehand, it’ll be much easier to prepare for these scenarios.
From different types of side walls to replacement tent parts, we have all the pop-up canopy accessories you could ever need. If you’re unsure which canopy accessories would be ideal for you to pick up in advance, reach out to our team to ask us a few questions. We’d be more than happy to help.
Canopy Tent with 3 Full Sidewalls
Tent side wall
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Clip Wheel for Canopy Tent
Tent accessories
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Connector for Canopy Tent
Tent parts
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Umbrella Base for Patio Umbrella
Umbrella bases
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Tent Accessories

Canopy tent

Tent accessories

Smart lights with bluetooth connect
Smart String Lights - 15 Shatterproof RGB Bulbs
From $79.99
Westshade LED Canopy Light is perfect for outdoor instant canopy tents as the "sunshine" in cloudy days.
LED Light

LED is perfect for any outdoor pop up canopy tent or umbrella. The LED lights offer the best outside lighting for parking garages, loading dock areas and drive-through. Simple and easy installation.

Westshade infrared heater is perfect for outdoor instant canopy tents which is easy to assembled, eco friendly and heat up quickly.

Warm up your guests with our efficient commercial grade outdoor heaters and transform any canopy tent into a habitable cozy space for everyone. Simple installation, no tools required.

Canopy Tent Protective Cover

Our Canopy bag was designed perfectly for easy transportation thanks to the top handle and bottom wheels. The main function for our protective cover is to store your canopy and prevent any dust or damage and make it easy to take your canopy anywhere you go.

From $92
Water Weights have been specially designed and manufactured to secure all Folding Canopies on hard surfaces
Water Weight

Our water weights are perfectly designed to suit your canopy needs. Specially designed straps will ensure that the weight bags stay securely attached to your Instant Canopy. User-friendly with an easy grip handle and screw cap top, made with strong waterproof material. Net weight 22lbs.

Westshade rain gutters easily Velcro to the roof of our instant tents, letting you retain the foot space between your two canopies by keeping them dry.
Rain Gutter

These rain gutter connectors are easy to install and protect you from any unexpected rain or showers.

From $80
Tie down straps give you peace of mind knowing your instant canopy is firmly secured to the ground.
Heavy Duty Tie Down Straps

Our heavy duty straps provide a quick and secure method of anchoring your instant canopy tightly down onto the ground.

The steel stakes will secure the safety to use the canopy tent by pinning them down into the soft and flat ground.
Steel Stakes

These stakes are pins that are driven into the ground and used to secure anchoring lines onto your canopy. Perfect for hard ground, grass, and dirt surfaces.

Clip wheels are a great accessory to our pop up tent range that makes transportation, setting up and packing down a canopy even easier.
Clip Wheels

Instant Canopy Detachable Wheels for Easy Transportation and Set Up.

From $30
The sandbag can secure the canopy tent by providing weights to fix them on the hard ground.

Westshade Canopy Sandbags are quick and easy to use! Simply fill the sand into the large opening and attach the hook and loop straps to the canopy legs and you’re all set. Material; Polyester or PVC. Packages available: Set of 1-12.

The heavy duty steel plates are a net weight of 33lbs and creates stability to any of our instant canopy pop up tents.
Heavy Duty Steel Weight Plates

Steel Weight plates for weighing down canopies on non-pinnable surfaces. Made from heavy duty steel for safety.