Custom Food Tent

Custom Food Tent
We offer a complete line of 10×10 food vendor tent, restaurant tent and food concession tent that meet the needs of food vendors, restaurants and street vendors. These commercial food tent is collapsible and can be easily transported even in a small vehicle. Our food vendor tents have passed the rigorous CPAI-84 testing required by the state of California and have become the global standard for fire testing, making them the fire retardant food tent of choice. That's why our custom food vendor tents are perfect for street vendors, pop-up restaurants, and even seasoned restaurants.
We can provide customized full walls, half walls, roll up walls, and mesh walls.
Matching accessories?
We can provide custom tablecloths, custom flags and other tent accessories.
Size required?
Westshade can provide everything from 10x10 food vendor tent to 10x20 food vendor tent and even 20x20 to meet all your size needs.
If you want to promote your next food project as soon as possible, we can make your food vendor tent in just a few days with our expedited production options.

Stand out, attract customer

Stand out,
attract customer
Looking for a unique way to display your food? Our custom food tent is the perfect solution. Whether you need a food vendor tent, a food booth tents or a restaurant tent, our team of professional custom tent can provide you with a stylish and practical way to display your food.
Customized as you wish
At Westshade, we understand that every culinary idea is unique, so we offer pop-up food tents that are customizable to meet your specific needs. From sizes and colors to branding, design and a variety of walls, we work with you to provide custom food vendor tents that reflect the essence of your brand and enhance your food presentation.
Quality assured
Our food canopy tents are not only visually appealing but also very usable. The food booth canopy fabric is made from 600D Oxford fabric to withstand the elements, plus they are easy to set up and take down, making them ideal for any event or location.Contact us today to learn more about food canopy tent options and start creating standout displays for your delicious food!
Westshade is proud to offer a premium selection of custom tent, also known as custom pop up tents or custom canopy. Our custom canopy are designed to withstand the elements, providing lasting durability and superior protection from the sun, rain, and wind. Just fill out the form, and our professional printing team will reach out to you, Let's work together to build your own logo-printed canopy tents. (Note: Display price is for 10' x 10' size)
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