Which canopy tent is the best for you?

Choosing the Perfect Canopy Tent at Westshade(Ultimate Guide)

Jun 21, 2024
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Choosing the Perfect Canopy Tent at Westshade

If you are searching for a canopy tent online, you probably have come across Westshade’s website.

Westshade is a professional canopy company located in the US. We have gained increasing attention among businesses that look for high-quality canopies.

On our platform, we provide a wide range of canopy tents at affordable prices. All pop up canopies are made from premium materials, sturdy and durable. In addition, we allow you to customize your unique canopy based on your preferences and needs.  

So which canopy should you choose from our website? A plain canopy or a custom one?

Here is the ultimate guide to purchasing the perfect canopy tent from Westshade.

Why should you choose Westshade?

Why should you choose Westshade?

Westshade is a US-based brand that specializes in selling canopy tents of various sizes and styles. Since the operation in 2020, we have gained thousands of happy clients.

If you are considering buying a canopy, here are some important reasons why you should go with Westshade.

High quality material 

All our canopy tents are made from high quality materials, meeting the standard in the American market. The fabrics are coated polyester or PVC, fire retardant, water proof, and UV proof. The frames, made from aluminum or commercial steel, are sturdy and long-lasting.

Affordable prices 

Our pop up canopies strike a good balance between quality and price. Though they offer great durability, they are still at an affordable price. Whether for individual or business use, you can find a good deal at Westshade. 

Exclusive branding service

Westshade is one of the canopy companies that provide branding services. We allow you to add your logo, brand, company name, graphics, and other marketing texts onto the fabrics. The custom options are limitless, and no extra fee will be charged. By personalizing the canopy, you can walk a step ahead of your competitors and drive more sales. The processing time for custom orders is also fast, normally taking 2 to 3 days.

Fast delivery

We provide fast shipping services across the United States. If the order is placed before 5:30 PST, it can be shipped on the same day of the purchase. The delivery generally takes 3 to 7 business days. For any order over $299, we offer free shipping and handling.

Long warranty time

We have a long warranty time of up to 10 years for our pop up tents. During the warranty period, you can change the part with defects or damage for free.

1-on-1 customer service

We tailor the customer support to every customer. When you encounter any problems, you can contact the dedicated customer service via calls, email, live chat, or online charts.

What canopy tents do we provide?

We provide a variety of canopy tents in our online store. They are currently divided into these three series and the custom option.

Y5 Commercial Steel Canopy Tents

Westshade Y5 Commercial Steel Canopy Tents

The Y5 series of canopy tents have commercial grade steel frames. The frame is high-quality and sturdy, not easy to bend in windy conditions. To lock the frame to place or release it, you just need to push the slider button on each leg. This type of pop-up canopy also features 5 height adjustments. So you can adjust the height position according to your needs. Additionally, Y5 pop up tents have wide legs and footpads, which add stability to the whole structure.

The roof in this series is made of 500D polyester with PU coating. This thick fabric is water resistant, fire retardant, and UV proof. Reinforced roof corners can improve the roof’s overall durability.

Key features

Durable commercial steel frame

Thick fabric for shelter in various weather conditions
5 height adjustment options adapting to different needs

1.26” wide legs for stability

Stable nylon footpads causing no harm to the ground

Y6 Commercial Aluminum Canopy Tents

Westshade Y6 Commercial Aluminum Canopy Tents

Y6 series canopy tents come with commercial aluminum frames. This kind of frame is lightweight, rustproof, and durable. Nearly all aluminum construction makes the Y6 series more long-lasting than the Y5 series.

But like the Y5 series, this kind of canopy tents also have a height adjustment system. Push-on buttons allow you to adjust the height to 3 levels. If you need to lock the frame into position, you can push on lock buttons. Setting up your canopy tent is just like a breeze.

In addition, Y6 series pop-up canopies feature 1.77” wide legs. The leg thickness is up to 1.5 mm and the leg profile is in hexagon shape. These leg designs provide one more layer of stability to the frame. Different from the Y5 series, pop up tents in the Y6 series have zinc-coated square footpads. The heavy-duty footpads ensure a firm hold on the ground.

As for the canopy top, it is made of 500D polyester with PU coating. But we support custom canopy roofs with our professional printing techniques. You can choose a higher-grade roof that is more than 500D thick.

Key feature:

Durable, lightweight commercial aluminum frame

Multiple canopy fabric choices
3 height adjustment options for weather changes

1.77” wide legs for improved stability

Heavy duty footpads

Y7 Heavy Duty Aluminum Canopy Tents

Y7 Heavy Duty Aluminum Canopy Tents

Y7 series canopy tents share many things with the Y6 series. But the Y7 series can be the strongest canopies among all choices. This type of pop-up tent features a heavy duty aluminum frame. The leg is up to 2.25” wide and 1.8 mm thick. The leg profile is cut into a hexagon shape. As a result, these pop up tents can stay secure even in serious weather conditions.

Whether it’s a trade show, commercial event, farmers market, or sporting event, this heavy duty canopy will be helpful to elevate your event.

Key feature:

Heavy duty aluminum frame

Multiple canopy fabric choices
3 height adjustment options for weather changes

2.25” wide legs for enhanced stability

Heavy duty footpads

Get an overview of the similarities and differences between Y5, Y6, and Y7 in this table.

Y5 Commercial Steel Canopy TentsY6 Commercial Aluminum Canopy TentsY7 Heavy Duty Aluminum Canopy Tents
Pricestart at $395start at $695start at $995
Size option10×10,10×15,10×2010×10,10×15,10×2010×10,10×15,10×20,13×13,13×20,13×26,16×16,20×20
Frame materialCommercial grade steelCommercial grade aluminumHeavy duty aluminum
Roof material500D Polyster with PU coating500D Polyster with PU coating500D Polyster with PU coating
Truss bar0.47″x0.95″x0.6mm0.51″x1.02″x1.5mm1.40″x0.71″x1.8mm
Bracket connectorsNylonAluminumAluminum
Leg profileSquareHexagonHexagon
Leg thickness0.75mm1.5 mm1.8 mm
Leg diameter1.26”1.77”2.25”
FootpadTriangle shaped nylon footpadssquare zinc-coated steel footpadssquare zinc-coated steel footpads
Lock & release systemSlider buttonPush-on buttonPush-on button
Height adjustment5 height options3 height options2 or 3 height options
Peak height10’10”10’10”10’10” or 12’9″
Warranty1 year for frame
1 to 2 years for roof
5 year for frame
1 to 2 years for roof
10 year for frame
1 to 2 years for roof
Printing methodsdye sublimation
digital printing
dye sublimation
UV printing
dye sublimation
UV printing
digital printing
Best forafforabilityaffordability and durabilityheavy duty
Suitable forbusinesses looking for afforadble and durable canopy tentsbusinesses looking for afforadble,durable, and lightweight canopy tentsbusinesses looking for weather proof heavy duty canopy tents

Custom Canopy Tents

Except for plain options, we offer custom canopy tents that are made to your demands.

Custom canopy tents can protect you from sun, rain, and wind. But they help far more than that. Custom canopies are designed with your logo or image. They serve as a way to show your style and personality. Meanwhile, they are beneficial to improve your brand awareness. At the sight of your personalized canopy, potential customers can get a sense of your brand.

In these cases, you should opt for a custom tent instead of a plain one.

  • You want a different color that matches your brand.
  • You need to add your logo, company name, website, graphics, contact, or sale information onto the tent.
  • You are willing to pay for the high-grade printing material for long-term use.

At Westshade, the printable canopy fabrics include the roof, side walls, and some add-ons like table covers. The frame can’t be printed.

Printing methods

In terms of printing methods, there are dye sublimation, UV printing, and digital printing. Each printing method comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Dye sublimation is the method of using a digital printer to produce the print on sublimation transfer paper. Then heat press the print onto the fabric from the transfer paper. This printing technology allows double sided printing. So you can print your logo or graphs on the external or internal side of the fabric. Dye sublimation can produce the most vivid color, which typically lasts for 1 year around.

UV printing involves using ultraviolet lights to dry and cure ink onto the fabric. As the printer distributes ink on the surface of the fabric, UV lights follow close behind, drying and curing the ink instantly. This method also allows double sided printing. One of its most incredible features is that it can produce vivid colors lasting for 2 to 3 years. That is a pretty long time.

Digital printing is the process of printing a digital-based image directly onto the PVC fabric. After the inkjet printer sprays ink droplets onto the fabric, we apply heat to cure the ink. Then we seal the print with a hot lacquer to protect against moisture and scratches. Compared with other printing methods, the material for digital printing is thicker and more water resistant. The smooth PVC surface is easy to clean while offering better protection against rain.

the colorfastness differences between dye sublimation, UV printing, and digital printing
the colorfastness differences between dye sublimation, UV printing, and digital printing

Take a look at more differences between the three printing methods in this table.

Dye SublimationUV PrintingDigital Printing
Printing material600D Polyester with PU coating, 288GSM900D Polyester with PU coating, 284GSM425GSM PVC fabric with coating
ProcessTransfer the print onto transfer paper and then heat press the print onto the fabric from the transfer paperUse ultraviolet lights to dry and cure the ink directly onto the polyester fabricPrint digital-based images directly onto the fabric, then apply a coating to protect the print from scratches
Printing areaSingle sided printing,
Double sided printing
Single sided printing,
Double sided printing
Single sided printing
Color saturationmost vivid colormore vivid colorvivid color
Color fastness 1 Year2-3 Year1-2 Year

Which canopy tent is the best for you?

The answer can vary across different businesses. If you have a low budget for your canopy tent, you may try our Y5 series. It offers the most affordable option and excellent durability. If you’re seeking a lightweight, durable, and cost-effective canopy tent, our Y6 series of pop-up canopy tents will be the ideal choice for you. This type of pop up tents comes with an aluminum frame. They are lighter but still long-lasting. And the price range falls between the Y5 and Y7 series.

However, if you need the best canopy for wind and rain, you should go with the Y7 series. As this type of canopy tent is made from heavy duty aluminum. They can withstand various weather conditions. Meantime, they are the strongest pop up canopies that have a 10-year warranty. If any damage occurs, you can contact us to get a replacement for free.  

For any canopy, you have the choice to customize it with our free branding service. The custom options are limitless. You may add your logo, brand, company name, unique graphs, or marketing texts to the fabric. Accessories like side walls or flags are also available for every tent you choose.

Still have confusion about our canopy tents?

Reach out to your dedicated customer service agent for more instructions.

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