The custom process with Ke Soule Cuisine
Key features of the custom canopy tent 10×20
Boost your event with Westshade’s custom canopy tent

Westshade’s Project for Ke Soule Cuisine: Custom Canopy Tent 10×20

Jul 05, 2024
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Westshade's custom project for Ke Soule Cuisine

Ke Soule Cuisine is a food vendor located in Baltimore, US. This brand provides various delicious foods for parties and events. Recently, they were planning for an outdoor event and they needed a personalized canopy tent. This is where Westshade came in.

After searching online, the business owner, Lakisha Bailey, found our website and started her design journey with Westshade. She mentioned that one major reason for choosing us is that our custom canopy is more affordable than other custom canopy companies. Overal, she thinks highly of our printing service and finally sent us an email to show her appreciation.

Lakisha sent us an email to show her appreciation to us.
Lakisha sent us an email to show her appreciation to us.

We are proud that we have offered Lakisha the best custom service. And we’d like to share this story here.

The custom process with Ke Soule Cuisine

The process for customizing a canopy tent is straightforward at Westshade. It starts with choosing the canopy tent for the event.

In this case, Lakisha customized the commercial aluminum canopy tent 10×20. The printing method for the custom canopy is UV printing. To decorate her pop up tent, Lakisha added 2 pieces of table covers as well. Then she filled out the quote form that included design instructions on our platform.

After receiving Lakisha’ quote, our customer service replied to her and provided a mockup within 20 minutes. Lakisha told us she needed to change the color and design. So our designer revised the mockup several times until she was satisfied with it. According to Lakisha’s request, we made 2 different mockups for her this time. The first one is exactly what she looks for.

We revised the mockup and provided two options for Lakisha, and she selected this one.
We revised the mockup and provided two options for Lakisha, and she selected this one.

During the design process, the logo sent to us was not clear. For better printing outputs, our designers recreated a new logo, which is clean and sharp.

The logo our designer created
The logo our designer created

Once the customer agreed with the final mockup, we began to process the production of the 10×20 custom canopy.  

The production time for custom orders is usually 2 to 5 business days while the shipping takes 3 to 7 business days. Before sending out the customized canopy, we ship the frame and accessories first. This means our customers can get the custom canopy tent within 1 to 2 weeks. The short turnaround time ensures you are well-prepared for every event. Lakisha received all parts of the 10×20 pop-up tent in around 9 days. She said she was very satisfied with our fast processing and shipping time.   

Key features of the custom canopy tent 10×20

Ke Soule Cuisine's 10x20 canopy tent

The custom canopy tent 10×20 for Ke Soule Cuisine has a commercial aluminum frame. The frame is lightweight and durable. It features 3 height adjustments and push-on lock buttons, making it easy to set up. By pushing on the buttons, you can quickly adjust the leg to an ideal height. Or you can lock or release the pop up tent in seconds. In addition, the leg is 45 mm wide and in octagon shape. It can add more stability to the frame.

To prolong the lifespan of the canopy, we adopt thick 900D polyester with PU coating for the fabric. The canopy fabric is waterproof, fire retardant, and UV resistant. Meanwhile, it can withstand 35 to 45 mph wind. Whether you take part in a trade show or other events, the pop up canopy tent can protect you against weather elements.

The most important feature of this customized canopy tent is that it provides vibrant and long-lasting prints. UV printing involves using ultraviolet lights to dry and cure ink onto the fabric. As the printer distributes ink on the fabric surface, UV lights follow close behind, drying and curing the ink instantly. Through this printing method, the color of the custom canopy can last for 2 to 3 years.

Boost your event with Westshade’s custom canopy tent

Customize your canopy tent at Westshade
Customize your canopy tent at Westshade

With the branded canopy tent from Westshade, the foot traffic of Ke Soule Cuisine increased by two times. They are glad that they worked with Westshade. They told us they would buy some more display products from us soon.

If you are going to attend an outdoor event, why not use a custom canopy tent with your logo?  

Branded canopies can not only offer protection against sun or rain, but also brand your business and help you stand out from the crowd.

At Westshade, we offer a wide range of custom canopy tents. Unlimited custom options are available to you at an affordable price. With professional printing techniques, we can print exactly what you envision. Furthermore, we have a long warranty of up to 10 years for customized canopy tents. During the warranty period, you can get a replacement of the damaged part for free. The shipping cost for the replacement is also waived.

Customize your unique pop up canopy at Westshade today! A discount of 10%(up to $300) is available to you!

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