What is a custom canopy?
How much does a custom canopy cost?

How Much Does a Custom Canopy Cost in 2024?

May 20, 2024
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How Much Does a Custom Canopy Cost

How much does a custom canopy cost?

This must be one of your concerns when you want to have a canopy tent with your logo or design.

Custom canopy tents are made according to your requirements. Beyond providing shade and shelter, they can also increase your brand awareness. Personalized canopies make it easier for you to stand out from a sea of competitors.

However, the benefits usually come with a higher price.

In this article, we will give you some insights into the custom canopy price and the factors behind it.

What is a custom canopy?

Andy and his brother customized a canopy tent for their product promotion at Westshade.

A custom canopy refers to a canopy tent that is made according to your needs in terms of specifications or features. It allows you to select the size, color, material, printing methods, and additional accessories. Additionally, you can add your logo, brand, slogan, unique graphics, or marketing messages to the canopy tent.

Custom canopy tents are versatile and allow for various uses. They are a good fit for trade shows, commercial events, outdoor activities, or even restaurant settings. These customized tents not only protect your staff and customers from weather elements. Meanwhile, they can enhance your brand awareness by showcasing your style and personality.

Why should you choose a custom canopy?

A custom canopy brings various benefits. Here are three important reasons why you should choose custom canopies.

Increase brand recognition

The demand for personalized products has been increasing in these years. This means people nowadays prefer something unique rather than ordinary. A plain canopy might be enough to offer protection from weather elements. But it is hard to set you apart from others and catch your customers’ attention. By customizing a canopy, you put unique elements such as your logo, brand, and graphics on the tent. Your customers can quickly find your company and get a sense of your brand. It is beneficial to increase your brand recognition.

A Quora user said that a custom canopy tent makes it easier to stand out among a sea of other tents at events
A Quora user said that a custom canopy tent makes it easier to stand out among a sea of other tents at events.

Versatile for different events

Not like a plain canopy, custom canopy tents are more versatile. They are well-suited for various scenes such as trade shows, farmers’ markets, sports events, and school events. You can tailor the tent to your event theme. This will make your company look more professional, therefore boosting customer confidence.

More durable and long-lasting

Custom tents are often made with more durable materials. Also, they are crafted with exceptional attention to detail. Even with frequent use, they can last longer than ordinary canopies.

Learn about more reasons why your business needs a custom canopy.

How much does a custom canopy cost?

The cost of a custom canopy varies depending on several factors such as the size, material, and printing method. Generally, a most commonly used custom 10×10 canopy costs between $200 to $600. The price may increase when you add more advanced features and additional accessories.

At Westshade, we provide various customization options for canopy tents to meet different demands. The price starts at $445.

Here is our pricing for a custom canopy with full roof, full roof plus 1 full wall, full roof plus 3 full walls. They are the top 3 types of custom canopies our customers frequently purchase.

Westshade custom canopies prices

Compared with the competitors, we offer a wider range of custom canopy tents at more affordable prices. On our platform, you can choose from 10×10, 10×15, 10×20, 13×13, and more. For each size, various color schedules and accessories are available to you. Regardless of the complexity of your design, the custom service is free of charge. And the design process is straightforward, involving just a few simple steps.

The process to customize a canopy tent at Westshade
The process to customize a canopy at Westshade

In addition, the turnaround time for custom orders is only 2 to 3 days. For urgent tent needs, expedited services are available for an additional fee of $100. To make the package easy to transport, we give you a free carrying bag along with securing tools.

Learn about our successful projects of custom printed canopies here.

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Factors that affect custom canopy prices

Factors that affect custom canopy prices

Several factors can impact the price of a customized canopy. They typically include the following ones.


The size is an important factor that affects how much a custom canopy costs.

Compared to smaller canopies, larger canopies require more materials for construction. They also come with higher labor costs. So canopy tents in a larger size are usually more costly than those in a smaller size.


The material has a direct impact on the overall quality and price of a custom tent.

High-quality materials such as aluminum frames and thick water-proof polyester tend to be more expensive. But they are usually more durable and long-lasting. On the contrast, cheaper materials may lower your upfront cost. But they offer lower durability and a shorter lifespan.

Printing methods

If you need to print logos or graphics onto the canopy fabric, the printing method can affect your spending. Advanced printing techniques like UV printing may incur higher costs. As they provide a more vivid color and precise printing.

Additional accessory

Adding extra accessories to a custom canopy, such as sidewalls, banners, or flags, can increase the overall price. Each accessory adds complexity to the design and may require additional materials and labor.


The overall quality of a custom canopy tent also has an impact on its price. Higher-quality canopies made with durable materials and craftsmanship, typically command a higher price. Their advantages include enhanced durability, aesthetic appeal, and performance in various weather conditions.

Design service

Most canopy companies like Westshade offer free design services. However, some companies may charge a fee for complicated designs. Utilizing graphics from the supplier can also incur an additional fee.  

Production and shipping time

The production time for a branded canopy tent is generally 2 to 3 business days. And the shipping times can vary across the locations. It usually takes 3 to 7 days for delivery of your order within the US. Many canopy companies offer free shipping when your order amount reaches a certain standard. But if you need an expedited production or shipping service, you have to spend more.

Tips to bring your custom canopy costs down

Though custom canopies are a bit expensive, you can lower the cost with these smart tips.

Tips to lower you custom canopy costs

1. Order in bulk

Buying in bulk can lower the cost of custom printed canopies. Canopy suppliers often offer discounts or lower prices for large orders. When you consolidate your purchases into a single large order, you have the chance to negotiate better prices. This tip is especially useful when you plan multiple events or need several tents for multiple purposes.

2. Bundle your purchase

Bundling your purchase is another way to reduce costs. When you buy a custom tent along with accessories like table covers or banners, many suppliers will charge you a lower price. This approach can meantime reduce shipping costs if your order amount is up to a certain standard.

3. Order earlier before the event

As we mentioned earlier, expedited services often incur additional fees. So order earlier before the upcoming event. Plan ahead and allow ample time for production and delivery.

4. Seize holiday sales

Savvy shoppers always know to seize holiday sales to save money.

During shopping seasons like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can find significant discounts on custom canopy tents. Therefore, remember to plan your purchases around these sales events. It can lead to substantial savings without compromising on quality.


The cost of a custom canopy tent usually falls between $200 to $600. The price can increase when you opt for advanced features or additional accessories. Multiple factors can affect how much a custom canopy costs. They include the size, material, printing method, design service, and so on.

At Westshade, we offer various custom options for a branded tent. In comparison with our competitors, we have a wider range of canopy tent choices at more affordable prices. Whether your design is simple or complex, no service fee will be charged. Moreover, the custom process is quite straightforward. Only with 4 simple steps, your vision can come to life.

Want to customize a canopy with your logo, company name, or unique graphics?

Start it now and various bonuses are available to you!

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