Meet Sammy, the Goldendoodle
Working with Samdanas Bandanas

Samdanas Bandanas: The Best Gift for Your Furry Friend

Apr 03, 2023
2 minutes Read

If you are looking to make your furry friend more adorable, you better check out Samdanas Bandanas, a small business that makes custom, handmade dog bandanas and accessories. They have a variety of designs, colors and sizes to suit any dog’s style and personality.

Samdanas Bandanas is owned by Lisa who is passionate about bringing joy and love to everyone, especially for parents. She figured that a simple bandana can totally bring smiles to people around her. No one can resist a fluffy fur baby wearing a bandana! Absolutely adorable!

Meet Sammy, the Goldendoodle

Custom Printed canopy tent for samdanas bandanas, and a dog in front of the tent.

If you guessed it already, Sammy is where the business name came from. It all started with just a clever play of words of Lisa’s son when he one day said, “Samdanas Bandanas!” and this is where it all came together.

Aside from all the love and support she is getting from friends and family, Sammy also stands as her inspiration to keep going and keep doing what she is doing. To build everything is not easy and to be able to put everything up is just amazing!

Being often asked as to where Lisa got her dog’s bandanas, an idea came up and she decided to start something big. She started sewing and sewing until she’s ready to spread her bandanas worldwide. And yes, Samdanas Bandanas ships worldwide!

Working with Samdanas Bandanas

It is a pleasure to work with Samdanas Bandanas. To be able to help her customize and design the canopy that she likes is really fun and we are so delighted that she loves the finished product!

We worked closely with her to customize and design the canopy which she loved. We used their logo, colors and style to create a canopy that matched their brand and personality. The result was beautiful and eye-catching. Here’s a photo of their canopy during their event:

Samdanas Dog Bandanas Custom Printing Canopy Tent

We’re so glad that we could help Samdanas Bandanas achieve their goals and make their event a success. We’re proud to have them as our customers and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

If you want to see more of Samdanas Bandanas’ products, you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. And if you want to order your own custom-made canopy, you can contact us at We’ll be happy to help you create the perfect canopy for your needs and budget.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more of our projects!

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