Our Journey with Burhani Industries
Printing Process
The Mockup is Now Live!

How We Landed Our First GSA Order Worth Over $20K!

Jul 31, 2023
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The custom printed canopy tent for Iron Horse.

We thought it was a prank at first. In late 2021, our inbox was flooded with inquiries from over 5 different customers, all asking for the same thing: a quote for a 20×20 customized canopy. We did our best to assist each one of them, but we couldn’t help wondering what was going on.

Then we noticed something. Most of these customers were sales reps from businesses that had GSA accreditation. They were bidding for a contract and they needed our quote to compete. That’s when we realized that this was not a joke, but a golden opportunity.

Here’s the mockup we made based on the files that the customer sent:

The custom printed canopy tent for Iron Horse.

Our Journey with Burhani Industries

The inquiries died down after a while and we almost forgot about them. But then, in February 2022, we got a call from Burhani Industries. They said they had won the bid and they wanted to place the order. I was stunned. The quote was over $20k! But they were serious and they paid right away. I was over the moon!

We had been struggling to get any orders before that, so this was a huge boost for us. We wasted no time and got to work on printing their canopies.

Printing Process

Printing a 20×20 canopy is not an easy task. It requires high-quality images of logos to ensure the best results. But we ran into some problems. Some of the logos they sent us were not clear enough and they didn’t have the vector file or the high-resolution images.

But we didn’t let that stop us from delivering on this order!

Our amazing designers stepped up and recreated the logos for them. They traced and refined every detail until they were perfect. Then we printed them on the canopies with the highest quality possible!

Here’s the comparison of their logo vs. the one our designers made:

The mock up sample of custom printed canopy tent.
The mock up sample of custom printed canopy tent.

The Mockup is Now Live!

Once everything was ready, we launched the printing. It was a marathon of three days to finish the printing and we packed and shipped them as soon as they were done.

Here’s a glimpse of the final printing:

Custom Printed Canopy Tent from Customer -4
Custom Printed Canopy Tent from Customer -5

Absolutely stunning!

We are so proud and happy to have completed our first GSA order. It was a challenging but rewarding journey that taught us a lot and gave us a lot of confidence. We are grateful to Burhani Industries for choosing us and trusting us with their canopy needs. We hope they enjoy their canopies and use them for many years to come.

If you are looking for high-quality, customized canopies for your business or event, look no further than us. We have the experience, the skills, and the passion to make your vision come true. Contact us today at and let us help you with your canopy needs!

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