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Best Practices To Follow When Designing a Custom Table Cover

Jan 11, 2023
2 minutes Read
Custom Printing Table Cover display

A professional table cover showcases your brand. Get the most out of the product by designing it the right way. Before personalizing your cover, read the best practices to follow when designing a custom table cover.

Choose the Right Table Cover Size

Size is one of the most important factors of custom table covers. Small covers don’t fully cover tables, and large ones drag on the floor. It’s best to own fitted or stretch covers to put on display tables. You want to see your full logo and graphics!

Pick Long-Lasting Fabric

You’ll most likely use your table cover more than once. As you attend events, owning a cover that maintains its appearance is essential. Get a quality product by picking a long-lasting fabric. Polyester fabric with 50+ UPF doesn’t fade in the sun. Furthermore, the covers at Westshade are water resistant and fire retardant! Our table covers thrive in indoor and outdoor environments.

Select an Exciting Background Color

When designing a custom table cover, it’s best to select an exciting background color. In particular, pick a color that contrasts your logo and title. Unique colors command attention and attract people to the table. The goal is to stand out during events like trade shows, expos, or fundraisers. Table covers with exciting shades like blue, red, and yellow are fantastic choices. The graphics paired with a bright table will look amazing on any occasion!

Incorporate Logos and Your Business Name

The point of a custom table cover is to display your brand. Add your company’s logo and name to the cover. Make sure the information is large enough to see. Ideally, logos and words should be big enough for individuals to read them from at least 10 feet away. Online templates (like ours) let you see mockups of the table cover to ensure it has the correct font sizes.

Avoid Too Many Details

As mentioned, logos and your business’s name are essential to custom table covers. It’s important to keep the table simple, so avoid too many details. Most people look at table covers for a few seconds, and complex covers aren’t memorable. Wordy tables also have a “cluttered” appearance. The goal is to showcase your brand with concise details. Beyond logos and names, taglines are acceptable too. Basically, don’t go overboard with information.

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