Tips for Choosing the Best Farmers’ Market Canopy

Aug 16, 2022
3 minutes Read
An overhead view of a farmer market with canopy tents of various colors in their respective display areas.

Whether your town only has farmers’ markets once in a while or daily, if you want to set up shop at them, you’ll need the right equipment to do so. The best place to start is with a tent. Not only will this protect you and your food products from intense sunlight and the chance of rain, but it’ll be a good way to stand out in the crowd.

However, there are multiple aspects to consider for choosing a canopy for a farmers’ market before buying one. This guide will cover the most important ones with you, so you don’t make a bad purchase on such a valuable item.

Must Be the Right Size

The most crucial factor to consider for farmers’ markets is the size of the canopy. Limited space exists at these marketplaces, so if your tent expands past the designated area for your shop, the event organizers will likely charge you extra. Typically, 10×10 frames are the best choices for farmers’ markets, but since all of them are different, it’ll be best for you to check with the people in charge before buying one. If your lot is bigger than 10×10, a larger tent wouldn’t be a bad idea. You can keep all your products safely underneath it.

Easy To Set Up and Take Down

A key component of farmers’ markets is that they’re not permanent. Even those that stay around for weeks or months usually get taken down daily. That means you’ll need a canopy tent that’s easy to set up and deconstruct. If it’s a long process, you’ll get tired of doing it every single day.

Made of Quality Materials

The last thing you want is a cheap tent. If the materials can rip easily or the metal isn’t strong enough to stay in place during a slight breeze, your canopy will be more of a detriment than a help. While a quality tent might cost more, it’ll be well worth the money, especially when it comes time to replace the cheaper one.

Might Need Side Walls

Sidewalls are common add-ons for canopies. These are usually made of the same material as the top and hang down the tent’s sides. They’re great at keeping out the rain and heat and add to the standout nature of a canopy. Another benefit is that they’ll make it clear to your customers which items are part of your shop. Farmers’ markets can become quite crowded, and stands that get pushed closely together will be difficult to differentiate between. Sidewalls will add a natural barrier.

Should Be Customizable

Finally, the last aspect you’ll want to choose for your farmers’ market canopy is the ability to customize it. Even though a tent will help you stand out, you certainly won’t be the only business using one. That means you’ll need to get one in a color that catches people’s attentions. Of course, it’s a good idea to pick one that matches your brand because customizable tents will also allow you to put your logo on them. If this is a feature you need, check out our large selection of custom business canopies. We know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

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