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4 Reasons Your Business Needs Commercial Umbrellas

Aug 23, 2022
2 minutes Read
Patio umbrella over a couch

If you regularly do business outside, you know the importance of trying to stay out of the sun. There are many options for doing this, but umbrellas are one of the best. Whether you’re running a booth at a community event or you serve guests outside of your establishment, there are many reasons why your business needs commercial umbrellas. Read on to learn why this purchase is worthwhile.

Protect Everyone From the Weather

The main reason for an umbrella is to protect you from the sun, but they’re just as good at blocking out the rain. Obviously, you and your employees will greatly appreciate this, but if you have a selection of umbrellas available for use, your potential customers will too.

Whether it’s blazing hot outside or a sudden thunderstorm is drenching guests, anyone caught outdoors will desperately be looking for shelter. Your giant umbrellas will be the perfect place to get out of the rain, bringing you more business than you would likely receive on a rainy day without them.

Easy To Move Around

Even though multiple items can achieve similar results to an umbrella, something that makes them stand out among the other choices is the fact they’re easy to move. While open, one person can simply pick it up by the pole and move it anywhere. If it’s too heavy for you to pick up, you can add a stand with wheels that makes pushing it around a possibility. When you use a tent for coverage, you always need multiple people to move it.

Packing umbrellas away is also very easy. You just pull it closed, wrap it up, and carry it wherever you need it. Tents typically involve many more steps and people to pack and move them away, but they also serve as a portable option.

Great Marketing Tools

Of course, we haven’t even gotten to the marketing potential that umbrellas have. You can customize a branded patio umbrella with your company’s name and logo on it for all to see. Since umbrellas stand high above the sightline of most people, guests can find you from a distance, even when there is a crowd of people. Regardless of where you’re using these umbrellas, this type of exposure will help draw in more people than a plain umbrella would.

Add to Your Business’s Appeal

The final reason your company should use commercial umbrellas is that they look great and add to your business’s overall appeal. Even if you don’t put your branding on your umbrellas, using vibrant colors will grab the attention of passersby. Someone who might not have normally given you a second look might pay more attention to a venue with such a colorful display.

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