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Reasons To Add Umbrellas to Your Outdoor Marketing Strategy

Aug 02, 2022
5 minutes Read
A red patio umbrella

Whether you like to fully use the exterior of your store or go to many outdoor events, you need to have the right gear to make the most of outside spaces. Many business owners put up signs and tables with branded tablecloths, but one item that regularly gets overlooked is the stationary umbrella.

You can do a lot with this type of equipment that many people don’t even realize. That’s why we’re here to cover some of the most prominent reasons why you should add these umbrellas to your outdoor marketing strategy.


Easily the best part about stationary umbrellas is how versatile they are. The list of scenarios that you can use them in is nearly endless. Since that would be too many to list out here, we’re only going to go over some of the more common ones:

  • Business grand openings
  • Community events
  • Outside eating areas
  • Trade shows
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Open houses
  • Outdoor waiting areas

These umbrellas will come in handy pretty much anytime you and your customers will be outside for an extended period. Whenever people are outdoors for a while, especially at all-day events, the heat will start to get to them. They’ll be desperate to find some shade, and your umbrellas will provide just what they’re looking for.

Once they’re at your booth or storefront, the chances of them taking an interest in what you’re selling will go up, increasing your chances of making a sale or conversion. Of course, this applies on rainy days too. People will be more than happy to stand under one of your large umbrellas to hide from the downpour for a little bit, giving you the chance to sell to them too.

Easy Assembly and Portability

While that benefit alone might be enough to convince you that commercial umbrellas are worth it, many people avoid them because they think these items are too much of a hassle to deal with. That simply isn’t true. Stationary umbrellas are very easy to set up and take down. Depending on the style, you might find that there’s a bit more to them. However, most of them have designs that help keep this process quite simple for you.

On top of that, they’re quite portable whether they’re open or closed. Many of these umbrellas are surprisingly lightweight. That means anyone can pick one up and reposition it when it’s in its opened-up configuration. When closed, someone could theoretically carry multiple at once due to how small and light they are.


Now it’s time to get into the most crucial reason you should add an umbrella to your outdoor marketing strategy: you can customize it to fit your branding. These umbrellas do more than just shield people from Mother Nature. They can act as signs for your business that draw interested customers in due to the fact that they’re so easy to customize. Many companies, such as ours, can create custom commercial umbrellas with your logo printed on the material for everyone to see.

You can also change the color and style of the umbrella to fit your branding better. That means these pieces of equipment could even benefit you at indoor events. Your umbrellas will show your company’s name high above the crowd for all passersby to see. Plus, they can help add to a fun-loving style you might want to achieve with your brand. The possibilities are endless.

Minimal Space Needed

When looking at stationary umbrellas, you might initially think they can be quite the obstacle. However, they take up hardly any of your floor space when compared to other branding options. We previously mentioned tables and signs that many companies use to advertise themselves, but these can take up a lot of room. Umbrellas, on the other hand, only occupy the space of a few thin poles. The rest of them stand high above people’s heads, which won’t disturb the flow of foot traffic.

This arrangement is perfect for crowded expos and outdoor events in which people will be moving past you constantly. Large floor signs will block much of the walking area, and tables will take up a large section of your booth. This makes umbrellas an obvious choice when space is limited.

Easy Care and Maintenance

As long as you buy a high-quality umbrella, such as the ones we sell online, it will be easy to care for and maintain it. A well-made umbrella will be able to hold up against all sorts of elements, rain or shine. On the other hand, cheap ones will start to fall apart after too much outdoor exposure.

The same can is true for human interaction. Whether it gets pushed around in a crowded area or someone is a little rough with it when putting it away, a good umbrella will be able to take a beating. This all leads to you not having to constantly maintain this piece of equipment, saving you time and money.

As long as you clean your umbrellas every so often and use protective covers when not using them, they should remain in immaculate condition. Fortunately, in the off-chance that something does break on one of them, you can get replacement parts because they’re always available. They’re easy to order and switch out, so fixing an older umbrella should never be an issue.

Cost Effectiveness

Due to many of the previously mentioned reasons, a big benefit of using umbrellas is that they are quite cost effective. Some people might not like a higher price tag when they can buy a cheaper alternative off sites like Amazon. However, umbrellas like the ones we at Westshade make outlast anything you could buy for cheap. You could waste a lot more money by purchasing something of lower quality and having to replace it quickly.

Plus, the customizability of our umbrellas makes them so much more valuable. After setting these outside your store or using them at various events, you’ll see a noticeable uptick in the number of sales you pull in. Standing out from the crowd and being able to advertise from a distance will make a purchase like this much more worthwhile in the long run. We know that you’ll be able to make these umbrellas worth your investment. Who knows? You might even be able to come up with some unique strategies that we haven’t thought of ourselves.

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