The Benefits of Choosing the Right Canopy Material

Jul 26, 2022
3 minutes Read
A huge white canopy of canopy tent

Planning out the layout of a company’s booth for the next community event can be a hassle at times. If you’re navigating this task, you’re likely already aware of all the choices involved. One of the most important choices is what kind of cover to use for your booth.

Whether the event is inside or completely outdoors, you’ll need a canopy that’s right for the job. Importantly, you’ll need to decide which canopy material provides the benefits you’re looking for. Read on to explore the best canopy materials for various goals.

Best Appearance

Let’s start with the benefit that’s the most subjective. Everyone wants something different regarding a canopy’s look, but if you want something more traditional, consider a canvas top. While not as popular today, a canvas canopy might be the perfect fit for your brand. However, we will point out that this fabric is bulky and doesn’t hold out water, meaning this classic style is better in indoor settings.

Best Rain Resistance

What if your booth location is outdoors? You’ll want to buy a canopy top that’s resistant to rain. Nylon tents are the perfect option for this. Its fibers don’t absorb any water whatsoever. That means your tent won’t become heavier or shrink as the rain pours.

One downside to keep in mind is that nylon isn’t nearly as strong against the sun. It will certainly protect those underneath the tent, but over time, the UV rays will eventually eat through the material, rendering it useless. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain and little sunshine, a nylon canopy would be perfect for you.

Best Sun Resistance

However, if sun resistance is way more vital where you live, you should opt for a canopy made out of 100 percent PU. This material is perfect for long term UV-exposure. Plus, it is quite durable, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally ripping it when setting it up or taking it down. Both attributes will lead to a long lifespan for your canopy.

Best All-Around

In the end, if you want to reap all the benefits of choosing the right canopy material, you would benefit from choosing a blended option. Ideally, seek out a tent covering made from PU-coated polyester. This gives you the sun-resistant benefits of PU while remaining on the lighter side and providing rain resistance. Additionally, it’s one of the most affordable canopies on the market.

Even though PU-coated polyester is often the best choice, you shouldn’t count out any of the options mentioned here. Regardless of which material you pick, you’ll want to clearly print your company’s logo across it to ensure that potential customers can spot you from a distance. If you’re looking for a unique canopy for your business, be sure to check out our custom tent printing services. We’ll make sure that your name and logo come out perfectly, allowing your business to stand out at any event.

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