Businesses That Can Benefit From Promotional Umbrellas

Oct 11, 2022
5 minutes Read
A blue custom printed Y7 canopy tent with 1 full sidewall, 2 half sidewalls and a custom printed table cover in a tradeshow

In the business world, self-promotion is key. Getting customers to show off your brand isn’t always the most reliable way to get your name out there, which is why it’s best to take it into your own hands. Obviously, there are quite a few techniques for doing this, but one of the best ones for companies is to use branded umbrellas.

But which types of businesses can benefit from promotional umbrellas? Well, that’s what we’re here to cover for you right now. That way, you’ll know if buying a set of these for your company will be a worthwhile endeavor.

Corporate Enterprises

Let’s start with one of the more obvious ones: any company that attends tradeshows or other similar events. In order to have visitors at corporate events see their names, they need to make sure everything they have set up includes some form of branding. These businesses likely already have lots of corporate branding on various items, so adding promotional umbrellas should be simple.

While many business events take place at indoor venues, a good number of them occur outside as well. That means you’ll need to provide some shade to your team and any interested consumers. Umbrellas are perfect for fulfilling this requirement. You can provide comfortable shelter from the heat for people while advertising your brand.

Farms and Home Grower Businesses

You can apply this same logic to farmers, home growers, or any other business owner who sells food at farmers markets. The main difference is that farmers markets happen almost exclusively outdoors. That means the visitors will be hot and tired from walking around in the sun all day. Using a promotional umbrella to show off their businesses and provide some needed shade can certainly attract more people to their booths.

Hotels and Resorts

Obviously, not all promotional opportunities need to center around special events exclusively. Hotels and resorts use umbrellas all the time for their pools and beaches. While the water is a great way to cool off in the summer heat, it doesn’t protect people from the sun’s intense rays. That’s why these establishments need to provide stationary umbrellas for their guests to take respite from the hotter weather.

If they’re going to set up a bunch of umbrellas for paying customers, they might as well use them to grab the attention of those passing by as well. Hotel pools are usually out front where everyone can see them, and resorts tend to be next to beaches with tons of people walking by every day. If their umbrellas can properly display who they are, those people might be more likely to look into their services.

Food and Drink Industry Businesses

Of course, we can’t forget about the food and drink industries either. Businesses in these industries benefit greatly from promotional umbrellas. Whether they stand in outdoor seating areas or on top of mobile food carts, umbrellas are highly effective at grabbing the attention of hungry pedestrians.

Food trucks, in particular, can really use the additional branding. Many of these trucks tend to park near each other. Even though that can be great for business, it does lead to individual trucks getting lost in the mix of things. Setting up umbrellas can help make a particular truck more noticeable while giving its customers a shady place to enjoy their meals.

On top of that, wine-tasting establishments like to use promotional umbrellas as well. Although they usually don’t use them to compete directly with other nearby wineries, they can benefit from umbrellas significantly. Putting together the right color scheme with the help of umbrellas can certainly add to their desired look and style. Of course, umbrellas also still give people a shady space to sip on their wine.

Event Venues

Sporting arenas, concert halls, and city parks are all venues that could really benefit from some additional shading during events. Whether it’s for the big game or a weekend-long music festival, hundreds to thousands of people may gather in these venues to spend lots of time outside. They will want to take a break from the sun eventually.

No matter what kind of business you run at these events, you can utilize promotional umbrellas to draw people in. Once they’re taking advantage of the free shade, you can do your thing and try to sell to them.


Lots of people like to spend time outside on college campuses. Whether tossing around a frisbee after class or studying for the big final with some friends, students love to spend time on the quad. So it makes sense for colleges to take that as an opportunity to build some school spirit.

Putting out some umbrellas with the college’s name and logo is a great way to do that. The schools can set these up next to some benches near the sidewalks or place them over some tables to give students a place to socialize and work on their homework comfortably. Regardless of what they choose, they can benefit. Having a shady spot to relax on the quad is exactly what many college students want.


Finally, we have bookstores to round off our list. The only thing better than enjoying a good book is experiencing the beautiful weather outside. That’s why many of these businesses are starting to set up outdoor reading areas for their customers to enjoy.

Not only does the shade from an umbrella help keep readers cool, but it also makes the books’ pages much easier to see. On top of that, showing off their brand can hopefully get people passing by to notice the store more than they would otherwise. The natural, cozy vibe of bookstores can make them blend in a bit, so a promotional umbrella or two can help them stand out more.

Regardless of the type of business that you run or the reason why you need one, you have a lot to gain from having some promotional umbrellas. They can do a lot for your company’s image. If you need a place that can print your name and logo onto these products, look no further than Westshade. We sell umbrellas as well as many other outdoor event displays on which you can put your brand. The opportunities for this type of self-promotion are almost unlimited.

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