Use Some Autumn Themes
Prominently Display Selling Points
Prepare for the Weather
Hand Out Free Stuff

Ways To Improve Your Fall Festival Booth Setup

Oct 04, 2022
3 minutes Read
A white custom printed canopy tent with full sidewall and custom printed table cover in a farmer market

Even though the weather doesn’t always seem to agree, fall is here, and that means fall festivals are right around the corner. You’re likely already in the process of planning your booth for this year if your business loves going to these events. And if some people are pushing you to go with what you did last year, now’s the time to suggest some changes. Luckily, we have some useful ways to improve your fall festival booth that you should try out.

Use Some Autumn Themes

The first thing you need to do is ensure that your booth will have some form of autumn theme—this is a fall festival, after all. While you should always prominently display your company name and logo, switching out your brand colors in favor of some fall-based ones is never a bad idea. You need to make sure you get your visitors in the fall spirit.

If you decide against autumn colors, be sure to include some fall-themed products instead. Everyone knows that pumpkin spice goes over well this time of year, but there are plenty of other options. Don’t shy away from holiday ideas, either. Both Halloween and Thanksgiving themes will put people into a seasonal mood.

Prominently Display Selling Points

While the theme of your booth is vital, nothing is more important than prominently displaying your business’s selling points. Whether it’s a particular product or your most requested service, you need to ensure those passing by have a clear view of what makes your company so great.

Even if you want to take this time to push one of your lesser-known products, you can use your more popular ones to draw people in. Once you’ve captured their interest, you can try selling them anything else that you offer.

Prepare for the Weather

Depending on the location of the fall festival, there’s a good chance your booth will be outside. The best way to improve it, in this case, is by setting up a pop-up tent. This device will help you prepare for any type of weather, which is crucial in the fall due to how finicky the weather can be. Shady canopy tents will block out the harsh sunlight and protect you and your products from any rain.

Whether sunny or rainy weather conditions, people will actively seek out shelter. If that’s something your booth can provide, they will come over to you, even if they’re not interested in your products. While they’re at your booth, you might be able to change their minds.

Hand Out Free Stuff

In the end, if all else fails, you can try handing out free goodies to draw people in. When at any sort of event, people will be more than willing to come over if you’re giving away free stuff. The items don’t even have to be good to get people interested. However, if you give away something substantial, the chances of that person sticking around longer will increase.

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