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What To Do With Commercial Umbrellas in the Off-Season

Oct 18, 2022
2 minutes Read

Depending on your business and location, your off-season might look a little different than others. That means the things you need to do to prepare will vary a bit. While many factors go into winding down during the off-season, we’ll focus specifically on what to do with any commercial umbrellas you use outside your establishment. That way, you’ll know all your options.

Leave Them Out

Most people assume when their umbrellas aren’t in use, the best thing is to put them away. However, they could still do you a lot of good. If the weather doesn’t get too cold in your off-season, you still might have the occasional patron who wants to be outside. They will certainly appreciate the shade even if the sun isn’t up for long.

If you bought yours from a canopy umbrella company that custom printed your name and logo, taking your umbrellas down will remove a source of free advertising. We’d recommend leaving them out and open. However, closing them might be better if it gets windy during your off-season.

Put Them Into Storage

Most of the time, businesses have off-seasons due to cold weather. If that’s the case, putting them into storage for the winter might be the best choice. You should start this process by closing all of the umbrella tops and collapsing the poles. Then, put them into the bags they originally came in or wrap them up in a large tarp for protection.

Once they’re all packed away, you’ll want to find a closet or storage area that isn’t too cold to put them in. You wouldn’t want your commercial umbrellas to freeze and crack during the winter.

Clean Them Off

Whether you leave them out for the off-season or put them into storage, one thing you’ll need to do with your commercial umbrellas is clean them. There’s a good chance your umbrellas are covered in dirt and debris from your busy season. Normally, hosing them off will do the trick, but for tougher stains, you’ll want to use some mild soap that won’t discolor the fabric.

Use Them for Events

The best part of not needing your umbrellas in the off-season is they’ll be free to use elsewhere. All kinds of company events could benefit from large umbrellas. Trade shows, farmers’ markets, and company gatherings are just a few places you could use your canopy umbrellas.

Set up a few umbrellas where your company will be that could benefit from showing off your brand. Be sure to use this aspect to your advantage whenever possible.

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