Tips for Choosing the Right Canopy Tent Frame

Dec 16, 2022
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The biggest tip for choosing the right canopy tent frame is to evaluate the materials. Aluminum and steel frames are great for specific applications. Keep reading to learn about tent frames and select the right structure.

What Is a Canopy Tent Frame?

Canopy tent frames are aluminum or steel pipe fittings that uphold the tent’s fabric. Consider the frame as the “bones” of the structure, as it supports the tent and prevents the unit from collapsing. The high-strength frames are critical parts of tents. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right canopy tent frame. Luckily, we’re here to help you!

Factors That Influence Frames

The main factors influencing tent frames are durability, weight, and leg angle. Depending on the tent’s size, you need a frame that supports the fabric and withstands weather conditions. For example, a strong frame that’s wind resistant is ideal for outdoor applications.

Furthermore, the leg angle impacts the structure too. Slanted-leg frames are visually appealing but less stable than straight-leg ones. Straight-leg frames offer more coverage without taking up a lot of space. Therefore, straight-leg frames are usually the way to go.

The two frame material options are aluminum and steel. To purchase the right product, it’s important to assess the frame’s material-related characteristics. So our biggest tip for selecting a frame is to compare aluminum and steel structures.

Aluminum Frame Canopies

Aluminum frame canopies are lightweight and easy to transport. They’re resistant to chipping, rusting, and corroding. Given that aluminum is lightweight, the structures are susceptible to bending. It’s best to use aluminum frames during mild and calm-weather days.

Steel Frame Canopies

Steel is the material for you if you’re interested in a strong and durable frame. They withstand harsh conditions like rain and excessive wind. In some cases, steel frames are cheaper than aluminum units. The drawback to steel frames is that they’re heavy and difficult to maneuver. They also rust without rust prevention coatings.

Which Should You Choose?

Both frame materials have their advantages and disadvantages. A big deciding factor in the frames is their application. Aluminum frames are ideal for mild-weather days. So job fairs, college expos, or indoor events are appropriate. On the other hand, steel frames are great for backyard barbecues, parties, or beach events because they withstand high winds.

Purchase the perfect canopy tent with aluminum or steel frames from Westshade. We guarantee that our frames will meet your needs and look great for all occasions! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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