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Importance of Patio Umbrellas for Commercial Outdoor Spaces

Dec 21, 2022
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Add comfort to outdoor dining and lounge areas with patio umbrellas. They’re attractive and great investments for businesses. Most importantly, patio umbrellas are essential to commercial spaces. Read this guide to understand the importance of patio umbrellas for commercial outdoor spaces!

The Purpose of Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas provide shade and protection from the sun’s UV rays. You can place umbrellas over tables or lounge areas to cover guests while they utilize the outdoor space. Patio umbrellas lower the temperature of commercial outdoor areas and create a comfortable experience. After all, no one wants beaming UV rays to ruin their dining or lounge experience.

Businesses That Use Patio Umbrellas

Outdoor umbrellas are everywhere, especially during the summer months. People enjoy sitting outside in nice weather while visiting businesses. That said, many industries use patio umbrellas for their buildings. However, check out the establishments that use them the most:

• Restaurants with outdoor seating
• Sidewalk cafes
• Lounges/commercial event space
• Pool decks
• Office buildings with outdoor seating

Benefits of Patio Umbrellas

As mentioned, patio umbrellas protect people from harsh UV rays and offer shade. Besides their primary purpose, these accessories provide tremendous benefits for businesses. If you’re thinking about integrating umbrellas in your commercial space, read these advantages:

Increase an Establishment’s Visual Appeal

Patio umbrellas add luxury and class to many areas, including outdoor commercial spaces. Umbrellas dramatically increase visual appeal and foot traffic for dining and lounge areas. Instead of sitting inside an establishment, guests can rest outside. Thus, increasing the number of patrons.

To heighten visual appeal, businesses should purchase umbrellas that align with their brand colors. However, the standard white or black patio umbrella is good too. Incorporating embellishments like twinkling lights or pole tray attachments are also fantastic features.

They Expand Your Business’s Space

Customers increase a business’s revenue. Simply put, the more customers visit an establishment, the more money a company earns. Patio umbrellas expand a business’s usable outdoor space. Extra tables hold patrons and boost sales throughout the day.

Imagine opening an outdoor seating area for your restaurant and expanding its capacity. Use the extra space for additional customers or entertainment. For example, host live music acts in the outdoor area and attract visitors.

The Umbrellas Are Durable and Protect Furniture

Patio umbrellas for commercial outdoor spaces are unlike any other outdoor umbrella. They have high-quality materials that can withstand environmental conditions. They’re better investments than cheap outdoor units and last a long time! The best part is that umbrellas protect outdoor furniture. Over time, the sun fades cushions and tables. Fortunately, the umbrellas shield chairs, tables, couches, and other furniture pieces.

You Can Use the Umbrellas for All Seasons

Large patio umbrellas are helpful year-round. Although businesses utilize outdoor seating for warmer months, summer isn’t the only time to enjoy outside dining or lunging. The fall and springtime are excellent seasons to enjoy the outdoors. The large units protect people from light rain, falling leaves, and minor environmental debris. Overall, patio umbrellas are great additions to commercial spaces any time of year!

How Do You Pick the Right Umbrellas?

As you read on, you’ll see that outdoor umbrellas have different materials and bases that you can select. But when picking the right units, it’s vital to understand your needs.

Ideally, you want an umbrella that extends over tables by two feet on every side. Measure your tables and then determine the correct sizing. Furthermore, you should purchase patio umbrellas from a reputable supplier like us! We guarantee top-quality products at Westshade. Our patio umbrellas are strong, flexible, and durable. Perfect for any business!

Common Umbrella Material

Like all outdoor furniture, patio umbrellas are available in different materials. Heavy-duty fabric contributes to the durable and weather-resistant nature of patio umbrellas. However, there are pros and cons for every umbrella fabric. While choosing your units, understand the characteristics of the material.

Acrylic Canvas – This material is lightweight, durable, and UV ray-resistant. It also prevents mold and mildew growth. The main drawback of acrylic canvas is that it’s expensive with a scratchy and rough texture.
Polyester – This fabric is naturally water-resistant, inexpensive, and very lightweight. However, polyester is difficult to clean and doesn’t have UV protection (making it susceptible to fading).
Olefin – The most durable and long-lasting material is olefin. It’s water and mildew-resistant. Olefin is also easy to clean. Please note that high heat can damage this material, so UV rays may fade umbrellas faster.

Common Base Material

Every umbrella needs a base. After all, how can it stay in place without a sturdy center? Like umbrella fabric, you choose the base material too! Here are the three common bases:

Cast Iron – A strong and durable base that fits many environments. Adding a powder coating to cast iron bases is necessary to prevent rust during high-humidity days. Given that it’s heavy, the base is difficult to relocate.
Galvanized Steel – Sturdy and dent-resistant, galvanized steel is a long-lasting umbrella base. The only drawback is that it’s prone to rust. Luckily, powder coating prevents deterioration.
Resin – Easy to move, the resin is another common base for umbrellas. They won’t rust, flake, or crack. However, you must fill the base with water (which is time-consuming and laborious).

How Do You Care for Umbrellas

Although patio umbrellas are durable and fit for many weather conditions, maintenance prolongs their lifespan. Ultimately, proper upkeep contributes to their appearance. To care for patio umbrellas, use a soft bristle brush to sweep away dirt and debris.

Furthermore, mix warm water and mild soap to create a cleaning solution. Apply the mixture to the umbrellas and gently scrub with a brush. This loosens stuck-on dirt and grime. Spray the umbrellas with a hose to remove the cleaning solution and grime. Lastly, allow the umbrellas to dry in the sun. It’s important to keep the umbrellas open while they dry to prevent mold and mildew growth.

More Care Tips

• Use canopy spray to add a protective barrier to umbrellas. It keeps outdoor furniture bright and minimizes fading.
• During the Winter, place patio umbrellas in a dark and dry storage unit to protect them from excessive moisture.
• Use umbrella covers to decrease wear and tear, rain, wind, and UV rays. Remember to remove covers before welcoming visitors to the outdoor space.
• Always close the umbrellas when they’re not in use.

Are you looking for the perfect patio umbrella and other outdoor event displays? If so, Westshade is the supplier for you. Our custom-printed tents, canopies, and umbrellas are high-quality with a vibrant appearance. Start your order today!

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