Use Patio Tables To Determine Umbrella Size
Select an Umbrella With Hydrophobic Material
Purchase a Unit With a Sturdy Base
Always Choose a Quality Product

4 Expert Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Umbrella

Dec 13, 2022
2 minutes Read

Whether you offer outdoor dining at your restaurant or provide space for outdoor work, you need umbrellas to shield tables. That said, it’s essential to grab the umbrella that fits your needs. Read our four expert tips for choosing an outdoor umbrella.

Use Patio Tables To Determine Umbrella Size

Outdoor umbrellas are excellent shields from the sun and other environmental elements. Businesses use umbrellas for outdoor patios and seating options. When looking for umbrellas to fit your tables, use the table size to determine umbrella size. For example, three-foot tables need seven-foot umbrellas to provide optimal shade. Here’s a quick sizing guide to help you:

• 2-foot tables need 6-foot umbrellas
• 3-foot tables need 7-foot umbrellas
• 4-foot tables need 8-foot umbrellas
• 5-foot tables need 9-foot umbrellas
• 6-foot tables need 10-foot umbrellas
• 7-foot tables need 11-foot umbrellas
• 8-foot tables need 12-foot umbrellas

Select an Umbrella With Hydrophobic Material

Choose an outdoor umbrella with hydrophobic materials. For instance, polyester is naturally water resistant, meaning it doesn’t absorb water. It will also dry faster after rainy weather. The only drawback to polyester is the fabric isn’t breathable, making it susceptible to mold and mildew if you don’t care for it properly.

For all-around protection and mold and mildew prevention, acrylic fabric is great for outdoor umbrellas too! Acrylic is rain and wind-resistant. With 98 percent UV ray protection, umbrellas made from this material can handle the sun without damage.

Purchase a Unit With a Sturdy Base

The base keeps the umbrella in place and prevents the unit from shifting. Look for a base of at least 50 pounds for umbrellas five feet or less. For larger umbrellas, a base weight of 100 pounds is best. Don’t forget about this important component! Always buy the appropriate base for your outdoor umbrellas.

Always Choose a Quality Product

Quality is a key component when buying anything for your business. Always choose a quality umbrella from a reputable business. We’re a canopy umbrella company that offers heavy-duty umbrellas for any occasion! Don’t waste your time at other companies when Westshade is the best.

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