Makes You More Distinct
Adds To the Overall Aesthetic
Gives More Opportunities for Branding
Allows You To Display More Info

4 Eye-Catching Benefits of Having a Custom Table Cover

Sep 27, 2022
3 minutes Read
A custom printed table cover with Halloween themed prints

When it comes to event marketing, the main goal is to catch the eye of people passing by. You and the other employees at your booth are the ones who do the selling, but you can’t do that if no one comes over. That’s why your marketing efforts need to focus on attraction.

There are many options for grabbing people’s attention, but one of the more overlooked ones is the table cover. Since they’re low to the ground, many people think they aren’t worth the time or effort, but they can make a huge difference in a consumer’s perception of your brand. Here are some of the eye-catching benefits that using a custom table cover can bring to your booth.

Makes You More Distinct

As mentioned, many event organizers overlook the humble table cover. Due to the number of people that attend trade shows and expos, heavy foot traffic blocks a lot of the marketing materials that are below eye level. That’s why many people focus more on tents and flags.

However, that doesn’t mean no one will ever see your tables. Tons of visitors will be close enough to see them, which means the booths with appealing table covers will be more likely to grab the attention of passersby than plain ones.

Adds To the Overall Aesthetic

Of course, your table covers won’t be working alone. They are just one part of your entire event marketing plan. You’ll still have branded banners and canopies that will grab people’s attention and draw them in. Your tables are simply another piece of the puzzle that adds to the overall aesthetic of your booth. Without them, it’ll look like part of your setup is missing.

Gives More Opportunities for Branding

On top of grabbing attention with bright colors and flashy graphics, the primary goal of your display is to put your branding in front of more eyes. Table covers make this even easier. The more places you display your brand, the more likely it is that people who visit your booth will remember you.

Of course, that means you need to find a place that can print your name and logo on your table covers. Our canopy and umbrella company is just the business you need. Westshade offers custom printing on all our products, which will help ensure you stand out among any crowd.

Allows You To Display More Info

Finally, the most crucial benefit of having an eye-catching table cover is that it will give you a place to display more information. If your other displays will focus more on bringing people in, the table cover is the perfect place to inform viewers.

You can use them to show off your mission statement or tell people about the type of products you offer. The table is the last thing a person will see before talking to you, so anything you can display on the table cover to set up a fruitful conversation will be quite helpful to you.

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