Picking a Cheap Umbrella
Not Getting Creative With Your Design
Missing Out on Underside Printing
Not Combining It With Other Items

Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Branded Patio Umbrellas

Nov 08, 2022
2 minutes Read

Many companies that run booths at various events already know the benefits of using branded displays to draw in customers. If you are new to using these items, you’ll want to ensure you don’t make any mistakes during the design process. Here’s a list of some critical errors you’ll want to avoid when designing your branded patio umbrellas.

Picking a Cheap Umbrella

Since making a custom cover will cost a bit more than having a plain top on your umbrella, some companies opt to use cheaper materials on the rest of the umbrella. This cost-saving measure usually isn’t a good idea. Umbrellas need to be able to withstand the elements of Mother Nature.

If the materials that make up the base are too thin or weak, the umbrella won’t last you very long. That instability will leave you needing to buy a new one, which will cost you even more in the long run.

Not Getting Creative With Your Design

When it comes to designing your branded umbrella, one mistake you’ll want to avoid is using too basic of a design. Too many companies simply put their logo in the middle of each umbrella section, then fill in the background with their brand’s colors.

While this might work, it won’t be nearly as effective as a unique design. These branded materials need to draw people to your booth. If your umbrellas look no different from those of another company, you won’t gain as much attention. Try to find a talented artist or custom printing company that can help you come up with something creative that speaks to your brand’s personality.

Missing Out on Underside Printing

Something that some companies now offer for umbrellas is underside printing. This step is a fantastic way to utilize the whole umbrella investment. The designs on the top draw people in, and the underside is what the people most interested in your products will get to experience. Just make sure you put something in there to help guarantee the sale or build brand recognition.

Not Combining It With Other Items

While umbrellas are an excellent branding tool all on their own, just like any other marketing scheme, the more you have, the better. Why just use a branded umbrella when you can also plaster your logo on table covers, display signs, and canopy tents?

Come to Westshade for all your outdoor booth display needs. We can help you create all kinds of custom materials that will help you stand out from the competition. All you have to do is bring us your ideas, and we’ll make them happen.

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