Canopies: The Must-Have Tent
Benefits of Adding Outdoor Canopies to Schools
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How Schools Can Use Canopies for Outdoor Events

Jan 25, 2023
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The demand for canopies is on the rise. Tents and canopies are fantastic for outdoor events because they’re versatile and offer weather protection. However, there is so much more to learn about these structures. Learn how schools can use canopies for outdoor events, and consider purchasing a canopy today!

Canopies: The Must-Have Tent

Schools need tons of equipment for different events, including canopies. Most known as “pop-up canopies,” these tents are portable, handy, and easy to use. They’re also collapsible, making them simple to store! Institutions use canopies for outdoor gatherings such as sporting events, fairs, and celebrations.

Many people are familiar with the standard black or white tents you can see at various events. However, customized canopies are available. The personalized structures display colors, logos, graphic designs, and other cool elements that give the structure character.

When individuals see the canopies, they associate the tent with specific schools. These must-have tents are perfect for grammar schools, high schools, and colleges!

Ways To Use Canopies at School

The best thing about canopies is that they’re versatile. From expos to fairs, the structures are useful components of virtually any event. They provide shelter and weather protection year-round. Canopies are a must-have tool for a reason, and we’re here to discuss their uses. For ideas, check out these awesome ways schools can use canopies!

Tailgating Events

Students, faculty, and alums love cheering on their school’s sports team at games. But before the sporting event, people have a pre-game celebration in the parking lot or field. Tailgating is a social gathering with food, drinks, games, and tons of school spirit.

During homecoming games, schools host tailgates for students and alums. It’s an all-day event (rain or shine), and institutions designate an event space. Schools can showcase canopies with their colors, mascots, and taglines to make the occasion special.

Nothing shows school spirit more than personalized canopies! The sturdy tents withstand harsh UV rays, rain, and wind. People can set up tables and booths underneath the structures, ensuring everyone can avoid harsh weather and simply celebrate their team together.

Activity Fairs

Student organizations attract new members by displaying their clubs at activity fairs. Typically, students have personalized booths to showcase their organization. They also have representatives talk about the club and interact with other students. One way to stand out as a club is to have a unique booth. Along with signs and table toppers, a custom canopy tent makes for a terrific addition to booths!

Clubs can customize their canopies with the organization’s name, logo, and unique graphics. The eye-catching tent will entice students to check out the booth. The canopies are long-lasting, so the tents will look amazing for many activity fairs to come.

Student Job Expos

Another way schools can use canopies for outdoor events is to host student job expos. Many college campuses provide networking and employment opportunities for students. Depending on the number of attendees, schools may need a large space to host the event.

Outdoor areas like quads can serve as the perfect place for job expos. That said, as students meet with employers, the sun or excessive wind can obstruct their experience. Who wants to meet a potential employer under beaming UV rays?

The canopies provide shade and protection from outdoor elements. They also create a comfortable environment for all attendees. Students and employers can focus on interacting with each other instead of avoiding the effects of harsh weather.

Outdoor Dining Areas

Physical space is a concern for many institutions. As enrollment grows, schools must accommodate all students and ensure adequate learning and leisure spaces. Additionally, cafeterias and dining halls quickly fill up during lunchtime. Students can struggle to find seating and spend most of their breaks searching for a comfortable spot to eat.

Luckily, schools can eliminate this issue by expanding dining space to outdoor areas. Outdoor dining offers more room, and it decreases the number of people inside the cafeteria. Simply put, people won’t feel smushed inside dining halls when outdoor space is available.

Schools can install canopies to create designated outdoor dining spaces with plentiful shade. The structures offer weather protection, so students can always dine, rain or shine!

Multi-Purpose Spaces

Pep rallies, team-building activities, talent shows, and parent nights are all popular school events. Instead of limiting events to auditoriums or gyms, schools should utilize outdoor space. Administrators can take advantage of pleasant weather and fresh air by creating a multi-purpose outdoor area. Furthermore, adding a shading structure makes the space user-friendly. People are comfortable underneath the canopy as they engage with students, faculty, parents, or other visitors!

Besides fun events, teachers can use the multi-purpose space to host lessons or study sessions. For example, the science teacher and students can conduct experiments outside. It’s a nice change of pace that provides everyone with a breath of fresh air.

Playground Shelters

Canopies are also effective playground shelters. They protect students from the sun and rain, making playtime fun! The structures also protect playground equipment from corrosion and excessive sun exposure, extending the lifespan of the equipment.

Kids love recess, but poor weather can dampen (pun intended) plans. Don’t let rain or wind put a stop to playtime—use a canopy to protect kids and playgrounds. Canopies are available in different sizes to accommodate various play areas. Administrators can invest in a few long-lasting structures and incorporate them throughout the play area.

Benefits of Adding Outdoor Canopies to Schools

Schools use canopies for different reasons. After all, they’re versatile structures that can serve a range of purposes, as we’ve discussed. But the structures have more to offer than simple flexibility. Read the benefits of adding outdoor canopies to schools here.

Year-round weather protection. Everyone can enjoy outdoor events without environmental elements disturbing their experience. The canopies withstand harsh weather while maintaining their appearance.

  • Year-round weather protection. Everyone can enjoy outdoor events without environmental elements disturbing their experience. The canopies withstand harsh weather while maintaining their appearance.
  • Increases usable space. Administrators expand usable space with canopies by designating outdoor event areas. When schools experience an influx of visitors, people can utilize the additional room.
  • Offers storage space. Surprisingly, canopies are fantastic solutions for storing equipment. Schools can store outdoor furniture and tools underneath the structure. The tent protects items from rain, snow, and other weather conditions.
  • Increases event attendance. People shy away from outdoor events if they assume the weather will obstruct their experience. Because the tents can protect people from harsh conditions, more people are likely to attend.
  • Has an eye-catching appearance. Whether it’s an on-campus or off-campus event, a customized canopy is an attention grabber. Attract visitors to booths and tables with the perfect structure.

Make the Right Move

Make the right move and purchase a canopy—your school will benefit from this investment! They’re durable, attractive, and easy to incorporate into outdoor events. Enhance the institution and host outdoor occasions. We guarantee that everyone will love the canopies you add to your campus.

Showcase school spirit with a custom printed tent from Westshade. Our tents are water-resistant and fire-retardant. We create our tents with premium polyester fabric and ensure that our customers receive the best product. We’d love to customize your unit. Get a quote today!

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